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Sep 3rd, 2014
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It was back to chemo today after a week off to think and recover. (my choice not doctors) I decided to go back to the Herceptin which has been quite effective but did cause my heart to fail. The doctor says we are taking a big risk but I feel like I do that with anything I put into my body at this point. At least I live a more normal life this way. My fingers and toes will hopefully heal and then we can try a different chemo drug in combination with the Herceptin. One of them has got to have side effects I can deal with. I have a month to get my body strong again then we add a chemo. It sure is nice having energy and a little bit of taste for now. Boy, that benadryl knocked me out today. I felt like I drank a very strong margarita! I was weaving out of the doctor’s office! Now it is off to snuggle with my two favorite fellas. As my Dad used to tell me “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Must be a Texas thing!

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